Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why no salt shaker and how do I use the seasoning?

We believe customers and supporters of the seasoning have more control over the final taste and final sodium content of the their food when there is no shaker. Anybody can use the seasoning by following the 1-3 tsp of seasoning per pound method or simply sprinkle/pinch the seasoning onto your meals or snacks.

2. How are your seasonings different from everyone else?

There are a few things that make our seasonings unique:

A. Transparency - The ingredients we list on our seasonings are the ingredients you are getting.

B. Integrity -  The ingredients we do list are not questionable. All our seasonings are earth inspired. We use the term earth inspired because we really believe in producing an amazing seasoning from the food earth produces naturally not from a tube or a lab. No questionable anti-caking agents or unnecessary additives.

C. Longevity and Taste - Most chefs and food critics will agree that organic foods tend to have a stronger flavor than their genetically modified siblings. Therefore, our organic seasonings will have a consistently strong flavor for a very long period of its shelf life.

D. We are different. - Each spice label has a different moment captured in a unique photo. These photos are a bridge connecting us to the customer to help them visualize the stories we are telling with our spices.We want your overall experience of this seasoning to be memorable and impressive from packaging to taste. These seasonings are for everyone including chefs, the home cooks, the foodies, the snackers or anyone just looking to make boring free food. 

E. Eco Friendly - When our company partners up with organic suppliers of spices, herbs or foods we are investing in the sustainability of the environment from agriculture to the wildlife. Also our spice jars (excluding lid) are made of glass. This means the jar can be used again for discounted refills when we vend at farmer's markets or for other projects you are interested in or recycled.

3. Where can I find recipes?

Please feel free to send us an email if you need a recipe.We will get back to soon as we can to help develop your recipe or create one for you. If you are following us on social media, recipes or updates will be posted to our Facebook, and Instagram pages so feel free to check us out on there too.

4. Do you have any discounts or specials?

We will have discounts or specials seasonally. Check periodically for updates.

5. Where do you vend for farmer's markets?

Currently we vend in Prince Georges County Maryland. But we are looking to vend in Baltimore, Maryland, Washington, D.C., Alexandria, Virginia and Mobile, Alabama.