Last Weekend at the Metro Cooking & Entertaining Show!

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of being one of the many awesome vendors at The Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Show at The Washington Convention Center. With vending alongside Gone Greens (yummy stuff folks!), I had a rewarding experience meeting creative people who were looking to add something different to their cuisines. 

At the show, I debuted a few new products that are going to be permanent additions to the Don Williamson's line:

  • Barbacoa - the most popular seasoning at the event! This blend includes dark roasted coffee, bay leaves, and cumin. (We sold out on day one!)

  • Yucátan - a great replacement for taco seasoning! Features birds eye pepper, orange peel, and cumin seed. 

  • Charred - a spin off of The Cookout dry rub. Incorporates mesquite, carrot, and tomato. 

  • Portside - a zesty seafood seasoning! Has a blend of tarragon, holy basil, and dill seed. 

  • The Riddim - a smooth and spicy curry blend with habaneros, coconut, and turmeric. 

I would like to give a special thanks to those involved in helping to make this event such a huge success! With your continuous support, I'll be able to bring even more delicious offerings to the public!

The seasonings mentioned above and even more goodies will be featured at the next Cheverly Market on November 22nd! 

We are also working out the logistics of our upcoming online store! Stay tuned for the announcement to get some Don Williamson's delivered right to your door. 

And as always...

Embrace the Earth Beneath You,

Sheldon Davy (aka The Don)