Our First Post + Cheverly Community Market Kickoff

First post to our site = awesome! Along with our dry rubs and seasonings, this site has been in development for quite some time. With changes came re-branding came re-designing and... well you can just get the gist of where this passage is going. It's exciting to finally have this little corner of the inet available with incoming content that will keep readers/customers abreast of the happenings with Don Williamson's. 

Now onto the fun stuff...

We were invited to feature our products at today's Cheverly Community Market, which was also the kick-off day for it (this event pretty much takes place every other Saturday during the summer and fall seasons). There were so many unique vendors offering food, jewelry, and other goodies to the close-knit town of Cheverly, MD.

We were way too honored to be apart of the roster of vendors and enjoyed our time at the event meeting new people and learning so much about the market experience. Each of our dry rubs were featured in a avocado based dip along with ancient grain breads for tasting purposes. Don't worry; for those who missed out on the dip or actually tried some and want to relive that tasty experience, we'll be providing the recipe for it in our next post.  

We got great feedback and supporters for our brand and we just want to thank those who came by our little table to enjoy organic goodies at it's finest. Oh, and we'll be back with even more deliciousness and good times at the next market day on June 14th.

Our online store is also in development. Stay tuned to our site to place your first order with us!

Embrace the Earth beneath you,

Sheldon Davy (aka The Don)