A Night of Cooking Fun with FBCG!

Last night, I had the pleasure of presenting some new variations of Caribbean and Thai dishes through a cooking class for the First Baptist Church of Glenarden's Vision Magazine editorial members. Through this teaching experience, members learned how to create and enjoy Jamaican and Thai curry dishes with a modern twist; all of this was done hands-on which made for a highly enjoyable experience for the 'Chefs' in attendance! 

We kicked this food experience off with two appetizers: a macaroni and cheese bar and a pumpkin sausage pie. The macaroni and cheese bar took comfort food to a new level by featuring my re-make of a Washingtonian favorite as one of the toppings; mumbo sauce! The pumpkin sausage pie screamed Autumn by incorporating sweet and mellow Indonesian cinnamon; the contents were all enveloped in a golden, flaky crust.

The dishes that were created switched over from comfort food goodness, to an international flair. 'Chefs' who joined in on the cooking instruction worked together to create Thai seafood curry, Jamaican seafood curry, vegetable curry with Korean yams, and wasabi chicken... all featured on slider buns! Yep, there's that twist. Compliments created were fried plantains and sauteed bok choy. To sweeten this event even further, 'Chefs' pre-made two different ice cream pies; a chocolate and a caramel-praline which were both created on a ginger snap crust. 

Stay tuned to our blog for all the of the recipes created from this class. To book a special cooking experience with me, send a message to info@donwilliamsons.com! I can also be reached via the contact page

Embrace the Earth beneath you,

Sheldon Davy (aka The Don)