"Experience is the best teacher.When you find your passion, you collect tons of stories from experiences. As a chef, I would like to share with the world my stories and other people's stories through food."

Don Williamson's was created in 2010 by owner and chef Sheldon William Harrison Davy. Davy began his cooking adventures at the young age of 14. His passion for cooking soon began to flourish into more than a hobby. He went onto studying at Le’Academic De Cuisine in Bethesda, Maryland to deepen his knowledge in the culinary arts. In pursuing more culinary adventures and know-how, he graduated from Baltimore International College in 2008 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Culinary Management. While attending the college, he completed an externship at the Mount Vernon Hotel in Baltimore, MD  that involved hands on experience in guest services such as continental breakfast and batch/scratch cooking. Eager for a new challenge, he ventured out into starting his own catering business while still perfecting his culinary craft by learning to cook various cuisines. 

Along with the seasoning creations, Williamson's offers cooking classes and demos, which showcase a combination of eclectic ideas, a fun personality, Sheldon’s culinary expertise, his diverse work experience, and adventures in traveling. 

Don Williamson's strives for perfection and offers the finest ingredients within his products and delightful cooking experiences to our customers. 

Contact us and  discover your inner chef at one of our cooking classes, or share your story about our products!